Q1 Why hold it at The International Commerce Centre?
The International Commerce Centre (ICC) was selected to host the vertical run in Hong Kong because it is currently the tallest building in the city with a 360-degree view of Hong Kong over Victoria Harbour.
Q2 What is VWC?

VWC stands for Vertical World Circuit. This is a series of vertical races in tall buildings in different cities around the world. Visit for more details.

Q3 What is vertical running?
Vertical running is race of 100 meters or more going up an incline of over 33%.
Q4 What kind of race is this and what is the distance?
This is a stair-climbing race as well as a vertical run. Participants will start on level 8 of ICC and finish at the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck on level 100 after climbing 2,120 steps or 364 meters.
Q5 Who can participate?
The Individual, Relay Races and Fun Climb are open to the public.
Q6 What is the minimum age?
  • Elite, Corporate Relay and Open Relay: The minimum age requirement is 18 on the race day.
  • Individual, Tertiary Student Relay and Fun Climb 82: The minimum age requirement is 16 on race day.
  • Secondary Student Relay: The age requirement is between 12 and 18 years on the race day.
  • Fun Climb 21: The minimum age requirement is 10 on the race day and each participant aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above.

The Event Organizer reserves the right to verify the age and student's identity (if applicable) of participants before, on and after the event.

Q7 Is this a good race for beginners?
Although challenging, this race is achievable for most people and can be completed at a walking pace. Participants who fail to finish within specified times will be asked by race officials to leave the course. We strongly recommend that beginners or experienced runners who have never done stair climbing train for the race.
Q8 What type of pre-race training is recommended?
For comprehensive training, runners can perform endurance exercises such as running (on flat roads), cycling and rowing. Weight training that specifically focuses on strengthening gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscle, such as squats, is also recommended. If possible, runners may train in staircases to familiarize themselves with the race format.
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